Teacher Qualifications and Average Salaries in Various Countries

Globally, each country treats its teachers differently despite doing almost similar job. In this post, we compare the set teacher qualifications, and the monthly salaries of teachers in various select countries.

Teachers are by far the most admired professionals after social workers, although the latter are the most respected.

By definition a teacher is any individual who imparts knowledge and guides people on various skills and subjects.

Wikipedia defines a teacher as a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

Teachers are secretly viewed as secondary parents to children as they spend more time with them just like the biological parents.

How Teachers are Perceived Globally

Strictly speaking teachers in different countries are viewed differently, just as the society in which the children come from are different.

In China, the respect a teacher  gets is higher (nearly to a level of a doctor) in comparison to teachers in Israel, UK, or USA.

Being a head-teacher of a school earned one more respect, irrespective of the country.

What’s more surprising though is that 7 out of 10 people polled trusted teachers after doctors, lawyers and engineers in that order.

Teaching is the most demanded profession

The above not withstanding the demand for teachers is higher than any other profession. Despite the fact the many institutions graduate more teachers than any other profession,

However due to brain drain the demand is never met.

Qualifications and Requirements to Become a Teacher

To become a teacher one must be licensed by the country’s relevant body and must have completed the minimum education requirements including excelling in the specifically set examinations.

In most countries, the minimum education level for a post primary teacher is a bachelors degree. In addition, a post primary certificate including a professional certificate of education are required for one to fully become a teacher for pre-primary and primary.

UK Teacher Qualifications

In UK one becomes a teacher after acquiring a degree, and have gained  Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) after following a program of Initial Teacher Training

A primary teacher in UK must have passed GCSE English, maths, and science

Teacher Qualifications In Other Countries

While in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa, one can become a teacher after acquiring a degree and a certificate of registration from the ministry of education.

Generally the trend is the same for all other countries for both primary and post primary teachers.

Average Salaries of Teachers in Select Countries

With the above qualifications background, therefore, one would expect teachers to earn the same salaries across the board.

However, the arising limiting factor being that, their salaries must correspond to their students performance.

It should be noted, that most parents worldwide recommend that teachers be paid more than other professionals.

This recommendation confirms that many parents agree to the fact that, teachers are not paid in accordance to their workload.

Global Disparities in Teacher Enumeration

A detailed research on how teachers are paid globally paints an entirely different picture. There is a huge disparity in the teacher earnings from one country to another.

For instance, the teachers in Switzerland earn the highest salaries.

Teacher qualifications and average salaries vary so much that different countries offer different salaries for the same job.

Teachers are paid more basing simply on their qualifications, unlike other professions that base on experience.

List of Teachers Monthly Average Salary

Without factoring in purchasing power parity and allowances, teachers in selected countries earn as follows:

Country          Teachers Salary (monthly)

Switzerland          $2800

Germany               $2,616

Singapore             $2,010

USA,                       $1,769

UK,                         $1,274

Japan,                    $1,258

South Africa,         $1,237

China,                      $488

Rwanda,                   $300

Egypt,                        $264

Uganda                      $168

N/B: The above list shows the average pay per month for all teachers within the country. There are those who earn higher and those who earn below the obtained averages.

Why Do Teachers Salaries Differ?

However when one factors in the allowances and purchasing power parity, the teacher’s average salary increases by a factor of 25.

Implying that without any allowances, teachers earn peanuts compared to other professionals.

Teachers earn differently depending on their levels of education and the subjects that they teach.

A post-primary Kenyan arts teacher may earn twice as much as a Ugandan  science teacher due to student teacher ratio.

In that regard therefore, one should remember that the salaries are tied more to the number of students one teaches and the quality of service rendered.

The location not withstanding, one may also note that the salaries of teachers and qualification are closely related.

A pre-primary teacher earns less than a post primary teacher due a difference in education level and background.